Patwant Singh

Patwant Singh, Managing Director (PWS Media) Patwant has 20 years of experience in TV and media spanning news, entertainment and documentaries across all platforms. He started his TV career working on some of the most successful local English television productions like Gotcha!, ShowBuzz and Hey! Singapore. In journalism Patwant was the face of local sports actively involved in the coverage of all the major sporting events in Singapore including the inaugural 2008 Singapore F1 Race where he was the one of the first reporters to do a Live Cross for Channel NewsAsia on the opening night of the world’s first night F1 race. He was instrumental in the news broadcast coverage of the first Youth Olympics and trained many junior reporters over the years. As a veteran journalist, Patwant covered other news beats from politics to major disasters and was one of the first reporters on the ground reporting live on the Little India Riots. Patwant also proved his versatility as he reported for MediaCorp radio, the Today Newspaper and Channel NewsAsia’s online platform. Being a sports media expert, he was  also a regular co-host on English Radio Channel 938Live’s Sports Talkshow, SportsZone. Patwant’s sports media personality status resulted in him being selected to be a Torch Bearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and it was even more special as he was the only media representative from Singapore to run in the historic event. Patwant is now an adjunct lecturer at Ngee Ann Poly & Republic Polytechnic and runs his own media training agency serving clients across schools, tertiary institutions and corporations. He grooms adults, students and other professionals who want to make an impact through TV or other broadcast platforms. Skills that Patwant impart include public speaking, presentation and TV interview techniques. He has been invited to speak as an expert and motivator at various events from Youth Seminars, Career Talks and Ministry of Education run talks. 


Ram is a Professional Speaker/Emcee, a Masterclass Trainer and a renowned Laughter Coach. He helps individuals and organisations better manage stress for peak performance to achieve greater employee engagement, work cohesively to make the workspace a happier and productive space with companies like Coca Cola, Mcdonalds, UBS Bank, TNT, Daimler Financial Service, Baker Hughes, Delta Airlines, FOX International Channels, Garuda Indonesia. He passionately conceptualized the program 'Laugh and Win' a highly uplifting, energising training session focused on stress management and productivity and performance management. He has appeared on National TV, Radio & Print and is the Author of “Ram up your Laughter” as well as “Engage Communicate & Succeed”. Ram is a Master Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (MNLP) Practitioner, awarded by the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology. He qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table in 2005, 2006 & 2007 in sales of financial instruments that allows him to enrich his participants with sales & customer service psychology. 

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